Online Communication & Reports

MCA has the most user friendly web site of anyone in the collection industry. MCA’s proprietary networking technology allows electronic account placement and access, permitting review and audits of specific account activity anytime, anywhere. MCA’s web based collection process allows clients to place and monitor account status much more efficiently and allows for a quicker and more informed decision making process.

Extensive online reporting capabilities

Our extensive Summary, Individual and Statistical reports are designed to keep you completely up to date on your accounts and your portfolio. All reports can be accessed anytime online and can be printed directly from our website.

  • Summary reports: Allow for a quick review of all accounts placed and their status
  • Individual reports: Collectors update accounts on a regular basis allowing you to check all activity and progress.
  • Statistical reports: A variety of report options that allow you to monitor the number and collection percentage of all placements.

All reports can be viewed in a manner possible, online or more traditional hard copy reports
The bottom line – reporting capabilities, any way you want them, to keep you totally informed.