Commercial Industry: Services & Solutions

Representing a variety of businesses, from Fortune 500 corporations and World Championship sports teams, to some of America’s most well-respected smaller businesses, MCA continues to prove our success is unrivaled.

We understand the sensitive nature of collecting delinquent accounts and we have proven our methods to be effective no matter how large or small your business – no matter where your business is located – no matter where your debtors maybe. We understand when negotiations may be necessary. In addition, MCA has the largest network of legal resources across the country to assist your company if and when it becomes necessary to take your collection issues to court.

As your collection agency, MCA is dedicated in solving your cash flow issues efficiently and effectively and doing so with courtesy, respect and unsurpassed superior customer service.
Protecting Customer Relationships

We use a low-keyed professional and diplomatic approach. We treat each of your clients with integrity and respect in order to maintain positive customer relations. We at MCA know that your customers are walking ambassadors for your company.