Customized solutions, anywhere in the receivable cycle, that deliver results for your business.

  • Outsourcing

    The most effective way to enhance your company’s cash flow and solve problems quickly is through proactive customer service contact early in the receivable cycle. MCA’s outsourcing services:

    • Improve customer satisfaction
    • Identify sales opportunities
    • Improve cash flow
    • Enhance the partnership with your sales organization
  • Pre-collection

    When early warning signs indicate potential recovery problems, an integrated customer service/collection approach is most effective. This transition period requires firm, yet customer-sensitive techniques. MCA’s pre-collection services include:

    • Customer contact calls
    • Collection letter services
    • Integrated call/letter programs
  • 3rd Party Collection

    Seriously delinquent accounts generally require immediate and decisive action for successful recovery, MCA’s traditional collection services include:

    • Delinquent account collection programs
    • Person to person collection
    • International collection
    • Attorney coordination