ANI’s Attorney Selection Process

All of their attorneys have been selected over a period of 25 years, utilizing very specific requirements. Additionally, they are all measured by very specific statistical criteria on a regular basis in order to remain an ANI affiliated attorney. Listed below are some of the criteria:

  1. They must be a member, in good standing, with the Commercial Law League of America.
  2. They must have a minimum of ten years of experience, specializing in the commercial/litigation field.
  3. They must be listed in on one of the three major Law Publishing Directories; ALQ, CL and the GB.
  4. They must be bonded for a minimum of two million dollars.
  5. ANI has specific performance guidelines which must be adhered to, such as communication through our online reporting system.
  6. ANI has specific guidelines for pre-litigation/litigation work.
  7. ANI keeps very specific collection statistics on all of our attorneys to be certain that our clients are receiving the highest level of service.